UNOS Regulations Definitions: “Business House”: Amior Gawi – UNOS ” “Website”: “Products”: All products and products for sale on the site. The wording of this policy, which appears in masculine language but is intended for both sexes. general The site is named as a virtual store for the sale of clothes, and is owned by a company and managed by its employees.

These terms and conditions are the legal basis for orders and browsing the company’s website, the relationship between the company and the customer is regulated through these terms and conditions.

Buy and pay rape:

Purchasing on the site is divided into several stages and several options for means of payment.
When buying, you must select the desired products with all the correct details (size, color, etc.) and then enter the shopping cart and make a purchase.



We offer many payment options, all payment options have been reviewed by credit card companies and approved with the most stringent standard for online payments. (PCI-DSS)
The personal data is stored in a secure system while the credit card details are not stored after the transaction (for information security).
The credit card clearing page is external to the site and sits on paid servers clearing solutions to provide the highest level of security possible.
Stages of transaction / product selection:
The customer must choose the products he wants to purchase and make sure that the scale and color mark are correct.
Order confirmation – After making a payment for the order, the company will send you a confirmation of the purchase, only after receiving the confirmation can you know for sure that the order is on its way to you.

Ways to obtain approval:
Specify an e-mail address in the order (please indicate your e-mail address through which you will receive all confirmations).
SMS – Please specify the exact cell phone number for sms confirmation.

Payment methods for placing an order:

Credit card clearing – all types of credit cards that are listed on our website.
Payment by phone call – after placing the order and checking the “Phone order” option, one of our representatives will contact you with the phone number you entered, enter the credit information in the order system and make the charge during the call.
PayPal – PayPal account holders have the option to pay for transactions through a PayPal account.
Transactions for which the payment status has not been fully completed will not be approved / sent, but will remain in the system until the payment is settled (up to 72 hours from the time of ordering).


The company may cancel the promotions offered in the store at any time and time you choose without prior notice.

Out of stock:

The company sells its products according to existing inventory.
The company may notify the customer even after the transaction is completed and payment for the end of inventory, if the stock is out or not renewed again, the company may cancel the transaction and give a full refund to the customer who purchased from the company product which is out of stock.

Benefits and “Coupon Code”:
The company may cancel at any time it chooses without prior notice one of the existing benefits on the company’s website and / or Facebook page and / or cancel the “coupon code” that customers will receive on the site both in purchases made and as marketing content.
The company may change at any time it chooses the promotional benefits and coupon codes on the site and in the chain stores.

Deliveries in Israel and “self-collection” service:
Working hours:
For detailed information on arrival times for courier mail, please visit the “Israel Post” website.
The company guarantees the product arrival times between 9-29 business days from the moment the order is confirmed.
Business days do not include Friday and Saturday and the day of payment
Delivery of the order by courier – Israel Post will contact you to receive the product, a customer who does not pick up the product or miss the courier will be charged an additional shipping fee.
Authorized addresses for sending courier mail according to the Israel Post website – If your locality is not specified on the Israel Post website, please leave us a message and we will take care of it.

If the customer wants to make an independent delivery by a private company – please indicate this in the purchase process and we will contact you as soon as the package is ready for delivery.
If the delivery of the product is delayed by “Israel Post” or any other logistical factor, of course for reasons unrelated to the business, because then the company will remove any responsibility for the time of delivery of the product and delivery to the customer, and the customer will not have any claim and / or claim Delay in product delivery.
Unauthorized addresses for delivery – the customer must verify that the locality in which he resides is approved for delivery by courier according to the Israel Post website.
A customer who has identified on the Israel Post website that the locality in which he resides is not approved for delivery, the latter will notify the company immediately, and the company will assist him as much as possible in finding a solution for delivering the order.

A customer who orders a product to an area that is not approved by the Israel Post will be charged with delivery if the order leaves the store to an unauthorized address. The responsibility is to ensure that the address is approved for delivery is on the customer.
Notwithstanding the above, if the locality in which you live does not exist in the Israel Post lists, please indicate this during the order, and the company will move the product with a secondary delivery company (the price will remain the same).
UNOS – is not responsible for delays / delays / losses of the Israel Postal Company.

Cancellation of transaction and product return policy:
The provisions of this section are subject to the Consumer Protection Law 1981 (hereinafter: “the Law”).
It is up to the customer (and not the recipient) to cancel the order made in each of the cases and under the following conditions. The credit will be transferred to the customer using the method of payment he made (for example: a customer who paid on credit will be credited with the credit card he transferred to the company).

Exception – bank transfer which will be sent by check which will be sent by mail.

In the event of cancellation of a transaction by the customer, the company will act in accordance with the provisions of the law, possible return of products for a number of reasons:
The size or color you received is not the color you ordered (there is a deviation of up to 30% from the color in the image).
There is a “pack” or “defect” in the production of the product, in this situation a new product will be sent to the customer after we receive the defective product.
Return of products will only be possible with his original ticket, without signs of use or washing.
In case you are not satisfied with the product that you received for a reason that is not specified above – it is possible to cancel the transaction in accordance with the provisions of the law, and make delivery to one of our warehouse addresses (the customer will pay the delivery).

After we receive the product and confirm its status, you will receive a cash credit for the purchase on the website or a cash credit to the credit card if the transaction meets the refund criterion according to the regulations and according to the law.

48 hours refund from the product recipient – 14 days exchange from the product recipient
Orders over NIS 1,000 cannot be reimbursed, only a credit on the website for purchase
The invitation comes from a dance not from Israel and is specially ordered for the customer
UNOS – Privacy Policy

The personal details provided by (hereinafter: “the registrant”) as part of the registration form on the site will be subject to the company’s privacy policy.

The Company will not provide the details of the registrant except in each of the cases listed below: (a) if required to do so by a court order or by law; (B) if you receive a notice to take legal action against it in respect of actions taken by the registrant and in any dispute, claim, suit, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between the registrant and a company; (C) If the company organizes its activities within another body – and in the event that it merges with another body or merges its activities with the activities of another body – the company will be entitled to transfer the registrant’s details to the other body provided the other body accepts the privacy policy provisions. (D) If a claim is raised or the company suspects that the registrant has committed an act and / or omission that harms and / or may harm the company and / or anyone on its behalf and / or any third parties. (E) If a claim is raised or arises at the company Suspicion that the registrant made use of for the purpose of committing an actIllegal and / or to enable, facilitate, assist and / or encourage the commission of such an act; (F) if a claim is raised or the company raises the suspicion that the registrant has violated any of the terms of the regulations and / or any agreement with a company and / or with anyone on its behalf; (G) If and to the extent required for the purpose of the Company’s activities, such as the transfer of information to employees, subcontractors and other entities that are partners or involved in the operation of the Company’s marketing activities. The registrants will not have a claim or demand towards the company in connection with the delivery of their details as aforesaid and they hereby waive any claim and / or claim as aforesaid.
Filling out the registration form constitutes the registrant’s consent to the details of his registrant and any data generated based on the analysis of these details and any information אודותיו About him who has come and / or will come to the knowledge of a company, will be kept in one or more databases of a company or someone on its behalf, and that this information will be used in accordance with the following purposes: (a) Direct in any means of communication you deem appropriate (including in writing, in print, by telephone, text message, facsimile, computerized or other means); (B) for the purposes of encouraging loyalty, analysis and statistical research, conducting surveys and any other online use in connection with a marketing topic; (C) for internal needs, such as the needs of investigating complaints and / or inspections; such use of the registrant’s details will not be considered an invasion of privacy. It is further agreed that such information will be considered the property of the company and the registrant hereby waives any claim for use and / or ownership of such information, including waiver of any claim under the Privacy Protection Law, 1981. The company will not be considered a breach of a commitment to privacy or infringes on a user’s privacy due to any information, as defined in the Computer Law 5755-1995, which may identify a user or track him by another, and which results from the use of electronic means of communication in general and computer communications in particular.
The registrant confirms that he is aware that he has no legal obligation to provide his details and that the above information is provided of his own free will and with his consent. any.
Subscribers who wish not to receive inquiries by direct mail will notify this in writing on the company’s website or through the removal mechanism found in each mailing and in this case the company will act in accordance with the instruction given to it.


Maintaining confidentiality
The company does not store credit card numbers on its computers.
The company uses the highest security standards in order to maintain the confidentiality of the information and the privacy of its customers as much as possible. The company meets strict standards of information security standards and procedures as required by credit card companies.
The site is secured using SSL protocol, SSL protocol is based on an asymmetric key method, which contains 2 keys, so that a message encrypted by one can be decrypted only by the other and vice versa. This is called: Public key encryption – private key.

In cases beyond our control and / or due to force majeure, the company will not be liable for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct, caused to the customer or anyone on its behalf, if information is lost or reaches a hostile party and / or used without permission.
The company undertakes not to use the customer details registered on the site but only for the needs of the site’s operation, and in order to enable the execution of the order and the transfer of information to the customer.

Local and matter-of-fact authority
By signing, I understand and give my irrevocable consent that in any case of legal dispute and / or lawsuit in the local court the jurisdiction will be given to the courts in the Jerusalem District. In connection with the products and / or services I purchase from the business – Amior Gawi – UNOS and / or this website , The unique and exclusive authority to hear a claim will be that of a court in the city of Hadera, and not in any other city in Israel.


Purchase regulations – up to date for 2021.
Have a fun shopping.